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1085 12th Ave NW, Suite D5, Issaquah, WA, 98027, US
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Customer reviews for Window Fellas
Review 1 for Window Fellas
Overall rating 
5 out of  5
PostedJanuary 30, 2018

5-Star Worthy

I hired Window Fellas in part due to all the 5-star reviews on Yelp.
I wanted new windows in a large mobile home I bought last winter. Having new windows installed all around is like having a root canal to me. It's technical, scary and invasive. They handled it all beautifully.
A mobile home is a construction challenge because these things move all the time so nothing is square. The installer showed me that even having the new window in correctly the mobile home setting was off by 1/4" in one corner. He said, "You'll have to paint trim". I was fine with that, but then he said, "too bad you don't have quarter round". Later when I looked, he had Viola, produced white corner round that looks perfect and needs no paint.
The rebates (one from here, and one from the utility company) came through just as I had been instructed. (Not true with any subsequent construction, which is why I'm mentioning it).
I still wasn't ready to give then 5-stars until this spring. I wanted to see if all windows opened easily and the screens were right. There could be settling or something I missed on installation. They all open perfectly and everything looks perfect from inside and out.
I've had this place gutted and remodeled and no one else was this good. They are 5-star worthy.
Sales Order Number2215918
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State:Washington, WA
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Review 2 for Window Fellas
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4 out of  5
3 out of  5
3 out of  5
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PostedNovember 29, 2017

We do not recommend Window Fellas to anyone

We do not recommend Window Fellas to anyone. We chose them due to great reviews on yelp and google. Of course, Petr can say that this all is a lie but we hope some people will read this and draw some conclusions. Please, check these photos as a proof:
It all started when ordered windows replacement. When we first visited their office back in August, their office manager told us that estimated installation date was the second half of October. Several days later Petr came to our house to take windows measurements and confirmed the same dates so we agreed, signed contract and payed them 50% of the money. Petr also told they was going to contact us 2 weeks prior the installation to schedule exact date. Then we didn't get anything from until mid-October so we decided to email Petr and ask about installation dates. Petr answered that they are behind "roughly 2 1/2 months out on the installations". They never mentioned this before. After telling them that this is unacceptable and we would never sign the contract with such schedule we finally got out installation date - November, 9th.
Secondly, then Petr visited us to take measurements we told him we have HOA rules and all our front windows must have a grid. It turned out that he ordered one of the front windows with no grid. When my wife signed the contract, she believed that Petr was a professional and knows what he was ordering. They installed incorrect window and after we mentioned this they agreed to order a new "glass with grid" and install it. Petr mentioned that it was our mistake and they are not responsible for and even if we agree that it was partially our mistake it is unacceptable how they handle this. First of all, they left a lot of scratched on the new window during replacement, installed wrong trim around the glass and after we mentioned this they had to install correct trim but from another old window which they had in their car so our new window doesn't look like new now. Secondly, installation guy told us we should use our window warranty from Milgard to fix these scratches he left but then we actually called Milgard they said they do not cover installation issues. And they actually asked us to pay additional money for this.
We also got many other problems during installation:
1. We got a huge leakage in one of the windows after installation.
2. They put ugly trims on almost every window which we didn't order and Petr actually assured us that everything would look like before after installation but they still decided to put these ugly trims.
3. Installation guys left trash around our house and never bother to clean after themselves.
4. They say in contract that they wash all windows after installation but all windows were very dirty after installation and we have to ask them to wash them several times before they actually did it. But they only washed 3 out of 17 windows!
5. They forgot to order mosquito grid for kitchen window and one of their installation guys had to basically assemble it from materials he had in his car.
6. Left small wholes from nails on windows.
We also would like to mention that Petr is the most impolite person we have ever met here. He thinks it is OK to lie in the eye and treat his customers as trash. He made my wife cry because of how rude he spoke to her.
Sales Order Number2291256
No, I do not recommend this dealer.
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State:Washington, WA
Age:25 to 34
Style of Home:Unknown
Age Home:11-20
Customer Type:Homeowner
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